This Land is Volcanic!

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Timanfaya National Park is a Spanish national park that covers parts of the southern and northern regions of Lanzarote, and is a park that is almost entirely made up of volcanic soil. The island has been given the UNESCO certification as a biosphere reserve which covers the whole island, with the national park being one of the main focused areas of the reserve. There are an abundance of Lanzarote villas situated around it so it is a popular tourist destination.

The National Park of Timanfaya is one of the key examples of volcanic history of the island. The landscape is a washed with red coloured rock, yellow mixed with charred blacks that form a lunar landscape. These lands were created between a six year stretch of volcanic eruptions that happened in the early part of the 18th century and those near the beginning of the 19th century. More than 100 volcanoes appeared during this time, here villages and vital fertile ground were swamped and buried by lava.

The national park of Timanfaya also features a restaurant that was created by Cesar Manrique it is called the El Diablo and it is here where you can sample some authentic Canarian food as most of the stuff cooked there is on a natural oven, that has been used for many years. This restaurant is very popular and is often overcrowded. The restaurant also has a trademark Cesar Manrique symbol that welcomes the visitors to the restaurant. This restaurant is located in the centre of Timanfaya.  Also at the restaurant employees will demonstrate how much hot the earth is beneath. They do this by throwing a bundle of dry lichen into a shallow hallow, this bursts in to flames almost instantly.  They also have another way in which they pour into tubes that are set in the earth, the water turns into steam and shoots up for several metres alike they are geysers. There are some spots in the restaurant that can't be walked on because of the intense heat.

There are a few ways to tour the park one is on camel back this unique experience is one that very popular with tourists or you can take a bus tour that covers 14m of the national park and lasts roughly 40 minutes. It is on this tour that you will reach some of the more famous parts in the park, also this tour will be narrated by a priest of Yaiza who will give you insight about the park and history about the volcanic eruption or you can take an tour on foot on a guided tour. There are two routes you can take, the Tremesana route or the Litoral route. If you take this option book then it is best to booked fast as these are up to a maximum of seven people at a time. But there are parts of the park that is restricted this is because of the delicate Flora and Fauna that has to be preserved with the utmost care.

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This Land is Volcanic!

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This article was published on 2010/09/14